Brief History Of RRAA

Under the direct supervision and support from Norwegian Embassy in Pakistan, the Norwegian Project Office (NPO) was established in 1986 in order to serve and to facilitate humanitarian assistance for Afghan refugees settled in different caps in Peshawar, North and South Waziristan of Pakistan. In close coordination with other humanitarian actors NPO delivered services and implemented projects with the nature of life saving and survival of refugees in camp management, provision of shelter material, distribution of food and non-food items in the mentioned refugees camps.

In 1990 NPO was officially recognized as non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization and registered with Pakistan authorities as an independent NGO. At this stage the position of Norwegian Embassy also changed from supervisory to an advisory role including provision of capacity building at individual and organizational levels. Beside continuation of financial support from Norwegian embassy NPO was able to raise fund from other international organizations like UNHCR, NRC/NCA and CWS.

In 1993 the organization decided to shift parts of its activities inside Afghanistan by establishing four regional offices in the north, south, east and west of the country, while the head office of the organization was in Pakistan. In order to take active part in rehabilitation and reconstruction of the country the organization was involved in implementation of projects and program in health, agriculture, income generation, construction or rehabilitation of roads, construction and rehabilitation of irrigation structures and provision of safe and clean drinking water.

In 1995 the head office of the organization was also shifted in Kabul of Afghanistan and registered with the ministry of planning with the name of Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan (RRAA). All activities were closed in the camps of Pakistan, instead all efforts and interventions were focusing on humanitarian and developmental efforts in Afghanistan. In 1997 RRAA has developed its first long term strategic direction by reducing the efforts on emergency and rehabilitation activities considered long term integrated community development programs with more emphasis on community empowerment and participation.

Currently the head office of Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan (RRAA) is in Kabul of Afghanistan and delivers humanitarian and development interventions through its four regional offices in the North, Central, East and West in the sectors of livelihood, WASH and Good Governance. The average annual budget of RRAA during last 5 years was around 5-6 million USD contributed by the government of Afghanistan, international donors and communities we work with.